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Terminal Service

Gettafix Logistics UG is a bulk liquids storage station headquartered in Germany. The primary business of Gettafix Logistics is the safe shipping, storage, and handling of liquid bulk goods, which includes blending, additives, dyeing, heating, nitrogen blanketing, and customs services. Gettafix Logistics UG prioritises safety, sustainability, dependability, and customer service. There is currently 390,000 cubic metres of storage capacity in 11 tanks with sizes ranging from 1,000 to 92,000 m3, which are suitable for holding Class 3 and 4 liquids such as gasoline petrol oils, biofuels, jet fuel and crude oil.

Gettafix Logistics UG in import and export services, with offices across the world in the highly sought-after business trade and logistics distribution market. These services are designed to facilitate and promote global trading in crude oil and petroleum/petrochemical products while conforming to all legal requirements. They primarily serve as buyers, wholesalers, agents, or representatives for international and domestic businesses; they always carry out logistic distribution, trade needs, serving and compliance with supply, process control, and maintaining a high level of confidentiality, integrity, and responsibility with their clients.