Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate responsibility, sustainability & HSSE

Our key priorities are to ensure employee well-being and safety, building security, and environmental conservation.
According to our company’s policy, we are dedicated to reducing the risk of accidents, illnesses, and workplace dangers as well as to preserving the environment. To do this, we constantly improve all activities at our sites in terms of organisational, behavioural, and technical safety, and we foster a proactive safety culture.


We are dedicated to incorporating E&S into our operations and ensuring that our activities are safe for employees, contractors, the surrounding community, and the environment. The safety and environmental aspects of commodities transportation, shipping, and operations, as well as their potential impact on local communities, have always been prioritised by Gettafix Logistics UG. Over the previous few years, we’ve made investments in a variety of physical assets, some of which we own directly and others through partnerships.

Health & Safety

For our business, excellence in health and safety is a key priority. We make an effort to stop all mishaps, illnesses, and injuries at work. We strive to synchronise internal policies across the entire organisation and are stricter about mandating the application of the most advanced methods.

It is crucial to assess each risk separately because the group of enterprises engages in a variety of activities. We implement specific measures and create unique standards and work instructions based on this study. Our efforts go beyond simple statistical analyses to learn from accidents. Accidents are carefully examined to find areas for company-wide improvement. Additionally, promotion campaigns that aim to raise risk awareness in the workplace daily routine enhance our proactive strategy.


We are all a part of the fact that every economic action has an effect on the environment. We are conscious of the possible threats our commercial operations pose to the environment and the fact that everyone depends on the preservation of our natural resources and environment. We make every effort to keep the negative effects of our company operations on the environment to a bare minimum.

Benefits From Sustainable

Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’ business and industry.

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