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Naunhofer Landstr. 9 04288 Leipzig, Germany

Tank Leasing

The tank farm of Gettafix Logistics UG is an independent storage enterprise situated in Germany. We rent and lease farm tanks and storage facilities throughout Germany, as well as purchase petroleum goods such as crude oil, LPG, Diesel gas, Jet fuel, M-100, Naptha, Kerosene, and others. In Germany Netherlands, and Houston, we own substantial oil tank farms and storage facilities.

Our Tankstorage, is an excellent point of entrance into Europe. Its strategic location in Ports enables it to fulfil all forms of transport needs: the North Sea, important European inland waterways, roads, and rail networks are all nearby.

The port is open 24 hours a day and stores chemicals as well as mineral oil. The Petrochemical Industrial Distillation service has a substantial market share in the independent product distillation sector in Northwest Europe.

We have developed to be one of the most important companies in the competitive petroleum storage and terminal operations market. We are pioneers in defining and delivering effective services for petroleum and petrochemical product storage, which allows us to move forward.