Tank Farm

We have extensive experience in supplying our customers with effective storage solutions for liquid gasoline and various petroleum products.
Our terminals provide multi-modal capabilities (pipeline, truck, rail, and light oil barges) for ethanol and biofuel supply, as well as state-of-the-art blending operations.

Trans Shipment

We operate a number of transshipment handling vessels and floating transshipment platforms. We also carry massive amounts of crude oil and refined petroleum products between production sites, tank farms, refineries, and centres of consumption on a regular basis.

Tank Leasing

We have global contracts for leasing appropriate vessels to satisfy the needs of our customers.
Our chartering staff collaborates closely with owners and clients to acquire the best ship for the job.

Pipeline Distrbution

By owning the great majority of pipeline networks and working with big petroleum distribution firms, we have built ease of access to pipeline networks connecting critical distribution channels, storage units, and ports.

Welcome To Gettafix Logistics UG

A Leading Tank Farm Logistics Company.

Gettafix Logistics UG, a German-based independent storage company with the Handelsregister-Nummer: HRB 34977 and the OH-Nummer: C-22677866, has long been a dominant player in the storage and distribution of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and biofuels across Europe, America, Asia, and the rest of the world. The company owns and operates terminals in Germany such as Frankfurt/Main Terminal, Hamburg Terminal, and others, as well as terminals in Rotterdam Port, Houston Port, Shanghai Port, Fujairah Terminal, Banyan Terminal, and other ports throughout Europe and Asia. The firm’s total storage capacity exceeds 16.23 million cubic metres.

We provide dry bulk and liquid bulk product transshipment, storage, and processing to our customers.  Gettafix Logistics UG has a distinct independent position in the chain of bulk commodities storage for a wide range of goods, offering first-rate access to deep-draught terminals in Europe as well as first-rate hinterland connectivity through barge, rail, and truck.

Gettafix Logistics UG

Our services in the field of tank storage logistics

Gasoline/ Petrol

The European standard DIN EN 228 governs the quality of unleaded gasoline/petrol in Germany, which is required by the 10th BImSchV (Federal Emissions Protection Act). Regular gasolines available at petrol stations include Super 95 RON, Super E10 95 RON, and 98 RON Super Plus.

Diesel Fuel

The requirement that diesel fuel sold at public filling stations meet DIN EN 590 is based on the 10th BImSchV (Federal Emissions Protection Act), which implements European Directive 98/70/EC. According to DIN EN 14214, diesel fuel can include up to 7% biodiesel.


Liquid biofuels who are used in the mobility sector include biodiesel/FAME, edible oils, HVO and bioethanol.

Aviation fuels

Aviation fuels are fuels used in the propulsion of aeroplanes. This is largely jet fuel for civil aircraft.

Marine fuels

Biodiesel/FAME, edible oils, HVO, and bioethanol are examples of liquid biofuels utilised in the transportation sector.

Heating oil

The standard heating oil is extra-light heating oil, as defined by DIN 51603-1 in Germany. Heavy fuel oil, as specified by DIN 51603-3 in Germany, is largely utilised in the chemical sector, but it is also used in the iron, steel, and electrical industries.

Responsibility & HSSE

In our company policy, we are devoted to making E&S an integral element of our operations and ensuring that our operations are secure for personnel, subcontractors, and the neighbourhood.

Terminal Service

From our special location scattered throughout Germany, namely in the ports of Leipzig and along the Rhine, we offer reliable and efficient services to ship owners, charterers, traders, and others. Our adaptable and secure infrastructure is available to customers in the heart of Europe’s largest port and industrial complex. We continuously expand our specialised platform of top-notch liquid bulk terminals.

Shipment Service

We are one of the world’s major publicly traded crude and product tanker owners and operators, providing worldwide shipping markets with seaborne transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum, and other goods.

Our Terminals


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME

Rotterdam TERMINAL

Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME


Heating oil EL, diesel fuel, gasoline, gasoline components, FAME

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Our people are our biggest asset but the only way to unlock their potential is to invest in the right business systems that encourage innovation.
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With over decades of trading petroleum products and biofuels. We are dedicated to creating new sustainability standards and promoting their adoption throughout the sector. Whatever the individual items, we always put our clients and their needs first in all we do.

Quality products

Our products adhere to or surpass all applicable quality and environmental regulations in Europe. Gettafix Logistics UG stands for quality, as proven by our ISO 9001 certification, among other things.

Safety First

As a result, we are constantly optimising all of our subsidiaries' activities in terms of technical, organisational, and behavioural safety, and we are developing a proactive safety culture.

24/7 Support

Our epxert staff are always accessible to address our clients' concerns and demands.

Large Supply Networks

We are able to provide both on-time delivery and great product quality thanks to our extensive supply network of terminals and sales offices. This high standard of quality is something we demand from both our partners and suppliers as well as from ourselves.


The company’s goal is to provide flexible storage and transportation solutions that precisely match the needs of the client. We aim for excellence in everything we do and are always looking for ways to improve. We are devoted to exceeding both our own and other people’s expectations.
With vigor and a sense of urgency, we strive for positive outcomes


With the best technical staff in the Oil & Gas business, we want to become a valued partner and global provider of economical and dependable services.
Gettafix Logistics UG plans to increase its investments in automation, hire the right people, continue to innovate, and recognise and seize possibilities.

1955 - From Birth to a Period of Growth

We began as a domestic oil trading enterprise . Today, we are in the midst of an exciting period of innovation and investment known as the energy transition. One constant has been our pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial philosophy, which is profoundly ingrained in our DNA.

1970 - Creation of Demand and New Business

 Gettafix Logistics UG transports goods to dealers in the areas of Trier, Eifel, Hunsrück, Westerwald, and the outskirts of Frankfurt/M and Cologne, a vast area between the influence of the refineries in Cologne/Wesseling and Raunheim, by leasing tank space from the Bendorf tank terminal and from the business Rheinisch-Nassauisch Spedition under Lagerei Koblenz. The depots are stocked with barges from the Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam region.

2000 - Opening up Limitless Worlds of Potential

Gettafix Logistics UG has supplied its Connecticut customers with gasoil and diesel from a tank terminal in New Haven. Gettafix develops its international network in order to boost its commercial position by wholesaling middle distillates acrosss Europe and North America. It is just as critical to maximise supply from local refineries as it is to maximise import choices from Europe.

2015 - Moving further with global operations

Gettafix restructures its operations into three distinct business groups beginning in January 2015: “Gettafix Trading,” “Gettafix Retail,” and “Gettafix Bunkering.” The reorganisation intends to represent Gettafix’s diverse businesses, which span more than 100 companies and five continents, and to better position the group for future growth. Trading is responsible for all regional trading and wholesale activities, regardless of the products traded. Gettafix Retail is in charge of the end-user business as well as the service stations. Gettafix Bunkering is responsible for all bunkering activities.

Refer to the statistics of our company. Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.


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Key Facts

Our company has a lot of experience in the storage and shipping business, and as a result of that experience and handling, we’ve earned a lot of positive feedback as a reliable shipping partner.
We think ahead so that your logistics may continue to add value. Being aware of what will be trendy in the future.
As your worldwide storage and logistics service provider with a global network, we not only provide standardised solutions, but we also create bespoke logistics products to meet the individual needs of your supply chain.

+16.23 million cbm

Tank storage capacity

+220 MT

Annual handling of dry bulk

+33.2 million tons

Total throughput

+850 staffs

Professionals at work


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.