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Tank Farm

Gettafix Logistics UG runs a global network of liquid fuel and petroleum product storage facilities and logistical services. We have large industrial facilities for storing oil and petroleum products prior to formal shipment to end users or storage facilities.

Gettafix Logistics UG is part of a strategic coalition that owns roughly 45 million square feet of farm tank space throughout the Germany and Europe, including significant commercial seaport terminals and oil loading facilities. We frequently give the best and most cost-effective vertical tanks: PBC, RVSP, and BSS, as well as horizontal tanks: RGSN, RGSP, RGSDP, RGSDN, EP, EPP, ENP, and EPDP.

Our Solutions & Benefits

Subterranean transfer pipes that are centralised remotely managed and run between the tanker pier and the tanks connect the tanks to the pumps that supply the long-distance pipelines. It is also possible to shift different grades of crude oil to different parts of the tank farm, for example, to obtain specific desired features and qualities in the crude oil and feedstock. Furthermore, crude oil can be transferred to and from the caves via the tanks.

We have developed to be one of the most important companies in the competitive petroleum storage and terminal operations market. We are pioneers in defining and delivering effective services for petroleum and petrochemical product storage, which allows us to move forward.